TIMD Metal Works was officially founded in 2021 although it would be fair to say that the dream and concept has been in my head for decades. I was the kid growing up that would use any and all random objects and instantly converted them into firearms, atleast in my own head. Those interests were further expanded as I went into the Marine Corps in 2002 and crew served weapons became a daily tool and often times headache. During a 2004 deployment we became one of the first to forward deploy with FN’s new M3M .50 cal machine gun (later designated GAU-21) and were really a part of secondary development and fleet unit implementation of the weapon.

When it came time to draw on that GI Bill after I had left the USMC, I chose to pursue a Mechanical Engineering Degree and that decision was driven by the fact I wanted to design and build guns one day. Well, it didn’t all work out as planned initially as I took an excellent job in Oil and Gas where I would work for over 10 years. Of course, during this time my passion only grew as I learned the other skills necessary to own and run a firearms business. What I didn’t know at the time is that everything I was learning about business and life and firearms in that 10 years would be put to use to chase the dream I had always had.

We can agree that 2020 was a complete shit show and I lost my job in October 2020. This was a big wakeup call for me in several ways and what started as a major loss in my professional life became the motivation and inspiration to create a business of my own. I had become trapped in the corporate world and lost site of the dreams that passions that had lived in my head for decades prior.

TIMD Gun Works was officially founded in March of 2021 although unofficially it was already taking orders since October 2020 and I had been making and customizing firearms for 15 years. I purchased a CNC mill, downloaded Fusion 360 and turned my oversized garage into the TIMD Gun Works machine shop. We set out to build and customize firearms to a standard that is not common among most of the industry. We strive to be exceptional in the quality of our products and in our service to the customer. The firearms industry in a massive space that is filled with what are now commodity products and overseas copies. TIMD Gun Works stands above the common.

My wife Brianna has been at the heart of the movement and helps push my doubts aside and keeps me focused on what we can create. She is also responsible for running the successful social media campaign and taking all of the content photos; simply put, everyone needs a Brianna in their operation and I am proud to call her mine. We have 2 awesome children, a German Shorthair Pointer all of which love to come help in the shop. Although our team at TIMD will continue to grow, we are proud to be family owned and operated and of the roots of the company.

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