The TM9SS is threaded for fitment on 1/2″ x 28 barrels and will fit Glock 43, 43X and 48 models. Adding the TM9SS to either Glock 43 model will allow for fitment in Glock 48 holsters or any of the more modern open ended G43 holsters. Our strenuous testing of this comp has proven to be effective with all factory loaded 9mm ammunition types and weights without the need for modification to stock springs. This compensator will dramatically decrease the felt muzzle flip and will result in faster follow up shots and an easier to control firearm. The compensator is lightweight and made from 6061 aluminum and ships with 8-32 sets screws and allen wrench for installation. This product was designed for semi-permanent installation and repeated removal and torquing of the set screws may result in wear over time.

Package includes: 2X Set Screws and 1 Allen Wrench

Length: .8″
Width: .87″
Height 1.29″
Weight 0.65
Set Screws 8×32

Colors:  Black Type 3 Anodized, OD Green Type 3 Anodized, and FDE Cerakote


JUST RELEASED!! Glock Compensator – G43, G43X and G48