We offer cnc slide modification service for every modern pistol and this service pairs great with an optic cut as some of the setup time can be shared.

Your slide cuts will be precisely milled into the supplied slide with a CNC mill.
Slides will be broken down and re-assembled at no extra charge
If iron sights are sent with the slide we will re-install them at no extra charge
Slides requiring extra cleaning will be billed an extra $50

Front Slide Serrations – $125

These can be cut vertical or angled to match the rear serrations on the slide

Window cuts (top and/or side)

Top Window Cut – $125 ($50 when added to an optic cut)
Side Windows – $125 ($75 when added to front serrations)

Cerakote Finish

Single Color – $50 with the purchase of optic or slide cuts
Multi Color – refer to the Cerakote pricing

Full Custom Slide Cut packages are available and being standardized now. Please fill out contact form and Tim will be in touch for a consultation.

Slide Cuts